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Dance Notes

So your taking dance classes, now what? If you want improve faster and retain more keep your lessons close together and you will spend less time reviewing and more time learning.practice practice then practice some more. I know your busy... Me too! When you don't have time to physically rehearse take a moment and review in your head.

Dance Tips for couples: Be nice to each other, this is suppose to be fun! As soon as you feels tension between you walk away, we can fix it on your next visit. Go out and use it and watch other better dancers. You will have fun and have a visual reference for what you want to look like some day!
Dance Tips for all: Practice your dances with a goal in mind. Spend a few songs just thinking about lead  and follow. Use the next few songs to think about timing. Ask yourself " am I stepping on the right counts?" And "how can I be clearer?" In the counts and rhythm.If something doesn't feel right, look a few steps before the problem.Some things are easier to develop when your not dancing. When your in the car, standing on the train, or waiting for an appointment, take that moment and run through your check list
1. Is my body organized head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over feet with your weight spread evenly over your foot front to back?
2. Is your center active? Belly button pulled slightly toward spine. Ribs pulled tone around your core. Active but not tense. It is simian to when you are just about ready to do a crunch. Never don a crunch? Time to start!
3. Listen to a wide variety of music, learn to tap your foot with the beat and tap the opposite hand. I am a big fan of Spotify as a music service because it have so much music (18million songs) also because they have some many ways to explore, save and share music.
Dance with different people. Dancers are like cars, they all handle different. Sometimes you'll get one with no power steering and touchy breaks, sometimes you will get a sports car that reacts to the slightest movement. It's your job to adjust to each and make them look and feel great.Social dancing can be fun for everyone. Dance to music you enjoy!
Go to places that make you feel like dancing. If someone wasn't enjoyable to dance with it's ok to say "no thank you" and pass on that dance, not everyone is a good match.As the leader make sure before you start a dance make eye contact, take a breath, try a weight change right to left and back and then make a clear lead into the dance.Unless someone asks please don't teach on the dance floor. It's rude and unless it's your job it makes you look like a know it all.
Fellas remember as all not to try and lead every step you ever learned in one song. Your goal should be to dance to that persons level and ability. It's not about steps it's about quality of movement, lead and follow.