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private and group dance lessons - choreography for weddings and special events

The Dances

             Social dance lessons in all the popular partnership dances

At LA Dance Central we try and bring you the most diverse and fun dance lessons as possible. We make it easy and fun. Pick one dance or learn them all! Every dance class is designed to take you another step toward being the best dancer you can be. Private dance lessons, group classes, and choreography in any combintion you choose The dance we teach are divided into two areas - 
Ballroom (also called walking dances) which Include foxtrot, waltz, and tango
Rhythm or spot dances which include latin dances like salsa, cha cha, and rumba as well as swing, and hustle.

The Waltz

 - The mother of ballroom dancing and handy for everything from wedding dances to that black tie event you have coming up!
The Foxtrot
- If you love Frank Sinatra and big band sounds this dance is for you! 

The Tango

 - A little slinky, a lotta sexy what else do you need to know? Latin and Social - designed for less space and lots of fun. 

The Cha Cha

- Flirty and sassy! This is a favorite on the social dance floor and fits with both traditional latin music and pop music you might here on Itunes or in the club. 

The Salsa

 - Fast paced down and dirty! This is a must have dance. It doesn't matter where you live there is someplace to go do a night of salsa dancing!  

The Swing

 - Who doesn't like to swing? This dance covers everything from big band and rock-a-billy to country and blues! Not many dances are as flexible as the swing.  Learn the basics and then learn a few crazy tricks to dazzle the crowd! 

The Rumba

 - Slow romantic with lots of hip action baby! If your tired of doing to old rock from foot to foot for a slow dance this is your new go to dance.  

The Mambo

 - Mother to cha cha and salsa. A touch slower so you have more time to shake that thing! 

The LA Hustle

 - This ain't your grandmas disco! Fast, and fun this is a great dance that fits with most pop dance music. 


 -  What can I say but Yes! This dance comes in so many flavors I dont know where to start. Sexy, fun and can be danced anywhere. Are there more dances we cover? Yes but we are going to make you ask! For scheduling private dance lessons or registering for a dance class Call 434.989.5328 Email danceteam@ladancecentral.com